Welcome Friends!

       Jesus said: “No longer do I call you my servants...but my friends!
                              You are my friends if you love one another.”

  • We recognize Jesus as our Savior and Guide whose “way” is marked by extravagant love, compassion for the broken & outcast, humility, and the blessing of forgiveness with a heart for redemption.
  • We trust that being a good neighbor has the power to shape a new reality.
  • We believe faith without action is devoid of meaning.
  • We strive to be disciples and to live the faith that Jesus fully embodied.
  • We encourage growth in knowledge and love believing God continues to speak to us and through us.
  • We seek to be an inclusive community of faith enriched by the growing diversity and shared experience among us.
  • We foster a safe environment for children, youth and adults as each is a precious gift of God and deserving of respect.

We warmly invite you to share this wondrous adventure of discipleship !

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The Congregational Church of Mansfield.


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