Core Ministries of our Congregation

Our church has been navigating an organizational revision grounded in the "discipleship model." Guided by the purpose, power, and passion of Jesus, the church is intended to give itself away in the name of Christ. In other words, we don't exist for our own fulfillment but for living the good news while serving a common good. We are here to be the hands and heart of Christ. To that end we are organized in Ministry Teams with a couple of elected team leaders who surround themselves with people of passion and skill in that given area. These teams are active and engaging. All are welcome to participate regardless of affiliation. 

Worship & Congregational Care Team

Team Leader: Dick Kelsay
Worship and Spiritual Life involves the shaping of our worship experiences as well as the prayerful support and care of those associated with our church community and beyond. We abide in an era where changes in the society around us necessitate adaptation to how we worship and reach out.  The Deacons and Worship Team also study these trends and assess how best to be responsive to the needs of God’s people in our area.

  • Worship Schedule: Sundays @ 10:00 a.m.
  • Summer Worship With A TWIST: Sundays @ 9:00 a.m. (3rd Week June - Labor Day)
  • Communion: Celebrated the 1st Sunday of each month alternating between distribution of elements in pew to intinction at front of the sanctuary.  We have an “open” Communion table meaning that all who seek Christ are welcome to receive. Children are also welcome at the Lord’s Table.
  • Baptisms: Scheduled by appointment with the Pastor.  Baptisms take place in the midst of worship whereby the wider community of faith welcomes the family and pledges to support and guide the ongoing growth and development in the Christian Way. We also offer adult baptism for those who have never been baptized or who would like to renew their baptismal vows. Baptism is generally celebrated at the “font” (the bowls at the front of the sanctuary) where water is poured by hand over the child’s or adults head.
  • Worship Style: Traditional with mixture of blended elements designed to speak to the broad range of participants in our worship life. We make periodic use of multimedia and look to deepen our involvement through this technology as the year progresses.
  • Music Ministry: Currently we have a Youth Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, Chancel Choir, and the Copper Steeple Ringers Handbell Choir. Other individuals periodically share their own musical talent.  During 2009 we plan to initiate one non-traditional service every 6 weeks so our congregation can experience first hand varied worship forms that can speak to the heart.
  • Summer “Worship With A TWIST!”:  For the past four summers we have explored summertime services that have taken us into the musical genres of: Jazz, Taize, Contemporary, and Folk. We kind of let our hair down during the summer with the intention of testing out worship and music forms that we may wish to introduce to the full congregation. That’s the “twist” to our summer program. Beginning the 3rd week of June we move worship to 9am which remains at that time schedule through Labor Day.
  • Staffed Nursery: We offer a staffed nursery with a trained adult and youth to watch over the very young during our worship time. Parents take turns rotating through the nursery from week to week in order to provide coverage.
  • Visitation Ministry: The pastor is engaged in training a team of parish visitors who will call upon individuals who are hospitalized, infirm, home bound and in residential care facilities. This lay ministry visitation program makes use of skills with which our parishioners are gifted.  Watch for an upcoming “Called To Care” series to become involved in this vital program.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry & Prayer Circle: Prayer Shawls are made for distribution for those who celebrate certain moments in life and others who are afforded our prayerful support.
  • Weddings & Funerals:  The pastor conducts weddings and funerals for members and non-members alike. We seek to address the needs of the wider community and assist them on the journey of life while demonstrating the hospitality we so cherish. Please call the church office if we can be of assistance.  Also, look to our resources page where you can download the wedding brochure that outlines service planning.  Several church members also work cooperatively to host “collations” (receptions) for families following a funeral.  If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact Diane Jerome who coordinates this aspect of our ministry.

Discipleship Team

Team Leader: Eric Greenberg
Discipleship is the life-long process where we build a relationship with Jesus Christ and seek to follow his way. We offer a program from Pre-School through Adulthood as we assist people in this important process. All are welcome to share in our faith exploration program.

  • Safe Church Policy: In November of 2007 our church adopted a Safe Church Policy that outlines the measures we take to assure the safety of students under our care.  We have a mandatory CORI policy for all who work with children or youth.  Further, we abide by the American Camping Association standard when offering “retreats” that require a minimum of 1 adult per 7 students and always with a minimum of 1 male and 1 female advisory team member. We view the children and youth entrusted to as sacred treasures and we commit ourselves to assuring their safety.  Please download our Safe Church Policy in our Resource section.
  • Church School: Regular Sunday classes are held on Sunday mornings during worship.  The children in Pre-School through Grade 8 begin in worship and then are adjourned to their classes following the Children’s Time. 
  • Confirmation: A Journey In Faith has mile markers along the way as our youth make an important passage into adult faith development.  Confirmation in our setting takes place every other year and involves 9th and 10th grade students who are making important decisions about their Christian faith.  The program is highly experiential, generally involves about 12-14 students, affords multiple retreats that are highly formative and culminates with a 4 day trip to Washington, D.C. for the “Faith Matters!” Retreat which centers on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Youth are welcome to participate regardless of affiliation.
  • Youth Groups: Junior & Senior youth are guided by lay leaders to share events that are fun, exciting and just plain interesting throughout the year.  Then during late summer, the pastor coordinates a Youth Cycling Retreat that has taken our crew to Cape Cod and the Islands for leadership development, outdoor recreation and conversation that links faith and everyday life.
  • Adult Faith Formation: Each year the pastor and other lay leaders cooperate to run several adult education series that range from Bible Study to Spiritual Life Workbooks to Reading Groups to Focused Studies on Various Issues & the Christian Life. 
  • Boy Scout Troop 17 & Cub Scout Pack 13:  While we don’t “run” Scouting, we are indeed the sponsors and take great pride in the activity and leadership associated with the Cub Scout and Boy Scout program. Please visit Cub Scout Pack 13  or Boy Scout Troop 17 by following their respective links
  • History Team: Rick Haines guides this crew who not only maintain the records of our heritage, but find innovative ways to present pieces of history. They are also recording impessions of our current "history making" events in our day to day ministry as a record to future generations.

Outreach Team

Team Leader: Dave Oldow
The purpose of the church is to give itself away in the name of Christ. That may seem antithetical, but we believe that when we choose to generously share all that we have in the name of Christ, God's blessing in our lives will be magnified and there will be an abundance to meet the needs of all. So we seek to serve the common good both locally and globally. From the local food pantry which had its origin through our church to the soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity and New Orleans Hurricane Recovery through Rebuilding, we strive to reach out and demonstrate God's love with hands and heart.

  • Our Daily Bread Community Food Pantry
  • Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen (2nd Tu, Odd Numbered Months)
  • Red Cross Blood Drive (5x per year)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • New Hope Shelter for Women & Children
  • Christmas Giving Tree "Adopt A Child"
  • Relay for Life (2nd Weekend in June)
  • Winter Clothing Drive
  • New Orleans Re-Construction
  • Boston Walk for Hunger (1st Sunday in May)
  • Interfaith Dialogue

Operations Team: Property & Finance

Team Leader: Rob Franklin
The Operations Team (also known as Trustees) has two divisions: one oversees the physical property of the church, while another deals with finance & stewardship. They look after the building and grounds, propose work to be accomplished, oversee the work of the Custodian and Handyman, review rental agreements, review the investment portfolio, prepare the annual budget for presentation to the church, and develop a faithful stewardship plan to meet the mission and ministry goals of the church.

Music Team

Team Leader: Carol Sosman Ham
The Music Ministry of the church revolves around: Choral Choir, Handbell Choir, Children's Occasional Song/Bells, Instrumentalists & Alternative Style Service Music Professionals.

The Worship Team (Pastor, Music Director, Choir Rep, Handbell Rep, Deacons Rep, Discipleship Rep) generally meet monthly to out guide our worship plan and coordinate themes, participants and the varieties of music that will interface with our worshiping congregation.

Music is a means that lends meaning, provides opportunity for expression, and engages the senses in our praise and worship.

We have recently introduced the WORSHIP & REJOICE hymnal and the congregation voted to purchase 120 as we retired the Pilgrim Hymnals that had long served the church family.

Worship With A TWiST! is one of our alternative style services that provide opportunity for different musical guests to share their gifts through a variety of musical genres. This gives us a chance to experiment with both worship style and form which becomes more interactive and conversational.

We are open to explore with you the gift of music and invite you to share your special talents in our ministry of music.

Hospitality Team

Team Leader: Diane Jerome
This is a loosely based group in our church which helps in two distinct ways.

1. Coffee Hour is arranged and served on Sunday mornings after worship.
2. Arranging Collations for various events including Weddings, Funerals or Special Gatherings.

Diane is notified by the pastor of special opportunities to provide hospitality and her contact list of committed volunteers springs to life. Coffee Hour volunteers are sought through sign up by the bulletin board near the coffee station in the vestry and are listed via OnLine Volunteer Registration. We are blessed with so many who find ways to minister through the fellowship supported by such caring action.

Parish Relations Team

Team Leader: Peter Ham
Parish Relations is an elected six member team in the congregation who oversee communication in the church.  They provide training and counsel regarding good communication procedures while seeking to maintain a “healthy system” where all directly share their thoughts and feelings.  They have crafted the “Covenantal Dialogue Model" which is employed by groups when strong feelings or divergent viewpoints present themselves.  The Covenantal Dialogue Model is available on our Resource page where it may be downloaded.

  • Monitoring Communication Channels
  • Personnel Manual Drafting & Maintenance
  • Annual Staff & Ministry Review
  • Communication Workshops to Resource Staff/Teams/Congregation
  • Convening Monthly Round Table Conversations
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