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About Us

About Our Church Family

The Congregational Church and her copper steeple have been at the center of the community across from the South Common for over 175 years with roots as long-standing as the community itself. We'd like to think that we've seasoned enough over the years to reveal a practical wisdom, an enthusiastic inclusiveness, and a joyful desire to serve God at the heart of the community. Situated at the crossroads of Mansfield you might think of us like the leaven in the loaf that Jesus mentioned. The yeast enhanced the dough lending it depth, flavor and texture. We strive to be that leaven, utilizing our many gifts for: the up-building of community, the fostering of understanding, and the bearing of light to lives darkened by a host of circumstances. We are conduits of God's love overflowing to the community and world.

Whether it's wrestling with theological controversy that gave rise to our origin, gathering together those who shared abolitionist sentiment during the mid-19th century, serving as a hospital setting for the care of souls during the 1918 influenza outbreak, forming a Community Food Pantry in the late 1990's, sending a construction team to New Orleans to aid hurricane recovery in 2008, helping rebuild in southern Vermont after floods caused by Hurricane Irene, or becoming an "Open & Affirming Church" in 2012 (which welcomes the LGBT community as a sign of God's love and acceptance), we simply provide a warm, engaging, progressive Christian witness. As we proceed through the early 21st century, God continues to touch our lives calling us to responsive, caring mission. These are but a few of the historic pieces that provide substance for our church life and which shape our identity and character.

Our 270 members and friends are thankful for the journey that has brought you here as, even now, God prepares to write the next chapter of the mission and ministry entrusted to us. Together we strive to "live the faith that Jesus fully embodied" as his hands and heart at work in the world today.

God is Still Speaking every us...and through us! Welcome to this wonderful adventure in faith.